Client List

Arcus Foundation – Presented results of a study of using small grants to support social movements in Ghana and Peru, in support of a global effort to learn how to monitor and evaluate social movement grantmaking for LGBT issues.

CARE International in Mali – Conduct a Climate Change Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis in the Mopti Region of Mali using Participatory Rural Appraisal tools, Key Informant Interviews, and secondary literature.

Catholic Relief Services — Produced an agency wide policy paper on climate change. Organized a consultation process with staff around the world and with other related organizations to produce findings and recommendations.

Colorado Interfaith Power and Light – Facilitated a strategic planning process to build a stronger faith constituency, diversify board membership, and raise resources.

Cultural  Survival — Provided expert input to documenting an ongoing human rights situation in northern Kenya. Conducted interviews with eyewitnesses, human rights NGOs, and government institutions. Wrote portions of the final report and worked on an advocacy strategy.

Eco-Accord Center for Environment and Sustainable Development – Research foundations and produce letters of inquiry to fund environmental health work in Russia and Central Asia.

Eco-Cycle – Wrote a fundraising proposal to expand the reach of the country’s pre­eminent recycling organization to support Zero Waste efforts around the world.

Ecology and Environment – Facilitated stakeholder meetings in Larimer and El Paso Counties, Colorado as part of a County Resilience Planning process supported by the State of Colorado Recovery and Resilience Office. Designed and/or facilitated four workshops with other colleagues, and co-wrote the strategy sections of the County Resilience Plans.

Global Greengrants Fund — Management of grantmaking in Africa, provide programmatic information to fundraising staff, general support for programmatic planning. Conducted two studies, one on donor advised grantmaking, and another on how to build movements to deal with the social and environmental effects of mining. Recruited new program staff. Acted as Program Director for Parental Leaves and Sabbatical of the Program Director.

Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force – Designed and delivered a training workshop in Brazil for staff from seven Amazonian states in expanding donor resources for sustainable Amazon protection programs. Co-wrote profiles for all seven states for use with public donors at the Paris 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.

Institute for Social and Environmental Transition International – Analyzed the organization, recommended organizational changes and implemented them to help the organization deal with the consequences of rapid growth and Executive Director transition.

Conducted a study of resilience during the Colorado Floods of September 2013.

Developed a conceptual framework and training materials for the American Red Cross International Programs staff to develop strong programs around the world to build resilience.

Facilitated Rockefeller Foundation/US Housing and Urban Development Resilience Summit and Resilience Academy discussions for state and local governments to prepare proposals for the National Disaster Resilience Competition.

International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Global Disaster Preparedness Center – Prepared a toolkit to guide coalition building for resilience for use around the world, including a manual, training, workshop tools, and an introductory video.

International Funders of Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) — Conducted a Strategic Assessment, including review of the past five years and creation of a Strategic Framework and Impact Assessment Plan for the next five years.

The Kiisi Trust — Conducted a Request for Proposal process for a Donor Advised Fund Manager for a new grantmaking foundation in Nigeria funded from the settlement of a lawsuit against Shell. Advised staff on set up of new grantmaking processes.

The Lester Fund – Streamlined foundation grantmaking procedures, including developing forms and guidance for the grant cycle.  Upgraded the foundation web site.

Lutheran World Relief – Designed and implemented a baseline study of nearly 13,000 households for Project 12/12 Resilience Alliance in Niger.

Management Assistance Group — Documented the Reflection, Analysis, and Planning (RAP) process for assessing past performance and future strategies of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.

Mercy Corps — Wrote a Guidance Document, developed a one day training and delivered training workshops for staff in Mercy Corps programs in Portland, Beijing, and Tokyo on Disaster Risk Redution, Cllimate Change Adaptation, and Resilience.

Led a country wide Resilience Assessment in Niger. Worked with staff from headquarters and field offices to carry out a process involving dozens of participants in multiple countries, created research design for community level Focus Group discussions, Key Informant Interviews, and Expert Interviews, reviewed secondary literature, and wrote a comprehensive report with a Theory of Change for a new 10 year strategy.

New Foundations Nonviolence Center — Research and writing to build a foundation fundraising program to support the Alternatives to Violence training program for prisoners in Colorado.

National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers — Wrote a funding proposal for a nationwide campaign to educate Americans about development in the Third World.  The proposal was funded by the Ford Foundation for a total of US$100,000.

No Impact Project — Strategic advising on foundation and individual fundraising in support of an innovative effort to bring new people into the environmental movement. Based on the book and movie of Colin Beavan’s efforts to reduce his environmental impact over one year, the No Impact Project helps people example their own lives and values, build community with like minded people, and improve their quality of life while going easier on the planet.  Fundraising resulted in several foundation proposals and the generation of a set of major donors.

Pesticide Action Network International – Research and development of fundraising strategy for the premiere international network working to protect people from the dangers of pesticides.

Philanthropiece – Facilitated an advisory board retreat, and served as a resource person to help the advisory board consider its approach to community development. Wrote a brief guide to how assess good projects, and posed planning questions for the organization to consider for future development.

RTC Impact Fund – Set up basic infrastructure of a new organization to bring communities faced with mining projects up to speed to manage impact investors and vastly multiply the resources available to them to manage community priorities. Prepared a proposal for impact investors to support the start up of the organization and create a revenue stream for investors.

Thirst-Aid – Drafted a Memorandum of Understanding for a program in Uganda for financing from the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol to generate carbon credits through verified carbon emissions reductions.

Urgent Action Fund for Women – Coaching on the development of a logical framework for a global proposal to the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).

Women in Europe for a Common Future — Editing and writing a fundraising proposal for funding from Quick Start Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme to support NGO activity in Tajikistan and Georgia. The proposal was approved for almost $100,000.